Survey Engagement Tips: 5 Effective Tactics To Improve Response Rate

Today, most organizations are utilizing survey technique to know the thought process and objectives of their employees, customers as well as suppliers. Through this, one can get accurate and measurable data which is difficult to find any other way. It is one of the brilliant ways to know the requirements, problems and also the ongoing state of affairs of some organization or group. Through survey results, it becomes easy for an organizer to make plans for the future. However, increasing the survey response rate is crucial to get the desired results at the end. 

For your convenience, we are giving some useful tips that can help you increase survey responses: 

1. Engage participants in the survey wisely 

To make respondents believe that their views are important, explain them the purpose of a research and the usage of their feedback. When people feel that their opinions will not be neglected, they start taking interest in it. You can send an email or paper notification to notify participants that they would receive your survey. Choose a subject line and 'from the name' column wisely in invitations. It is also important to value respondents’ time and make them aware about the total time period which is taken by the survey. After the survey, you can also send a few reminders to those who have not completed the survey. 

2. Keep it short and simple 

Keep your survey short and simple. Create questions by keeping in mind the aim of your survey and avoid unnecessary things. It is good to optimize the surveys for electronic devices such as laptops, Pcs, and mobile devices. Too many surveys can also deter the participants. Hence, it is good to avoid the excessive frequency of surveys. 

3. A survey should be easy to access as well as comprehensible for the public 

Check, whether your survey is easy to access for the public. The flow, style, and language of questions should be easy to comprehend. Avoid the usage of jargons which are difficult to understand by the respondents. It is also good not to ask questions whose answers you have already gotten. Instead of including long questions whose answers you want, you can ask some clear and concise relevant questions with the purpose of completing the survey thoroughly and timely.   

4. Create a sequence and choose the quality of questions cautiously  

Check flow as well as the format of the survey. Try to know, whether the sequence of questions makes any sense. You can utilize interactive and engaging question styles such as rating scales and sliders. Give space to some open-ended questions to which respondents can give open comments. At the same time, it is also necessary to avoid excessive open-ended questions as they can take a long time to complete. As participants feel free to answer honestly in an anonymous survey, you can try conducting it anonymously. 

5. Let participants recognize your brand easily through repetition of the survey  

Enhance the frequency of survey as through repetition your participants can recognize your brand easily. Branding the survey is also important as most of the participants expect a reputable brand as the source of a survey. 

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