5 Mistakes To Avoid While Conducting An Online Survey

Getting information on clients or around a topic is easy when you know how to write and run a survey. In fact, online surveys are one of the best methods to learn more about your target audience. With the help of a high-speed Internet, you can easily reach people and get their opinion on a matter. But contacting individuals isn't the only thing that you need to conduct successful surveys that deliver results. From questions to the target audience, there are numbers of things that affect a survey.

A well-written and planned survey equipped with engaging questions can help get a positive response from the respondents. They will honestly answer and share their views around a subject. All you need to do is conduct a survey in the right way.

Below are some mistakes that you need to avoid while planning and conducting your surveys. Keep them in your mind and improve your survey results.

· Mistake 1: Neglecting Audience

The audience is the most prominent part of a survey. It includes people who have knowledge about your survey's topics or are associated with them. It is necessary to write a survey keeping these individuals in mind. Before start writing questions to ask, you should conduct research to understand your audience and learn some basic things about them. It will help you plan questions that have high chances of being answered.

· Mistake 2: Skipping The Introduction

Many times when respondents open a survey, they do not understand what it is all about. It is because the surveyor has skipped the introduction part. In such a case, they either skip the survey or leave it after answering a few questions. It is essential to introduce people with the survey. A well-written title will give the basic idea and purpose of the survey. You must add a few lines at the beginning of the survey to make people aware of the survey topic.

· Mistake 3: Asking For Unnecessary Information

At the beginning of a survey, you may need to collect basic information about participants. Sometimes, surveyors ask for too much. When people are forced to provide information about them when they don't want to, they opt to avoid the survey. Apart from information, some surveyors ask for irrelevant information. These are some situations where people do not want to take part in a survey.

· Mistake 4: Writing Bad Questions

No one can save a survey that features bad or irrelevant questions. 'How do you write a question' may also affect your survey's chances of being answered by respondents. Apart from that, there should not be questions that people may hesitate to answer. For example- Avoid including questions in your survey that ask respondents to disclose their habits. 'Where do you like drinking beer' is a question that asks people to accept that they drink beer. This will decrease the chances of a question being answered.

· Mistake 5: Writing Long Surveys

This is one of the most obvious mistakes that many organizers make. Even if your survey has interesting questions asked in an engaging manner, people are going to spend hours just to answer questions for you. Nobody wants to sit at one place and answer hundreds of questions that may or may not help them in their life. In addition, they would either skip some questions or leave the survey midway.


Online surveys are an effective method to collect information around a topic. When you conduct them in the right way, you can get results that make your survey successful.